Hannibal Buress Was The Surprise Drummer For Speedy Ortiz At A SXSW Show

If you’re still not listening to Speedy Ortiz, maybe this will help. Last night, Hannibal Buress tweeted, “I’m in Austin and i will play drums in your band tomorrow between 12-5pm. I can’t play drums. It’ll be bad.” Who could refuse such an offer? Not Speedy lead singer Sadie Dupuis, who offered, “hey @hannibalburess yr cordially invited to drum with speedy ortiz at the @pitchfork showcase at @mohawkaustin, 1 pm. or we could get pizza.” Pizza’s tempting, but so is the allure of rock stardom and he agreed to show up. Dupuis responded, “cool you’re on the guestlist lol.”

But Hannibal wasn’t joking.

He eventually made it to Mohawk, and took over for the band’s actual, talented drummer.

I wonder if anyone owns the URL to Al Dente Drummer?