Harvey Weinstein Is Apparently Guilty Of Bullying People In The Music Industry, Too

10.10.17 1 year ago

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Between damning reports from The New Yorker and The New York Times, and following an ousting from the company that he helped found, Harvey Weinstein is experiencing a rapid demise from his position as a Hollywood power-player. And while the allegations range from sexual assault to sexually harassing young actresses to win favor and keep roles, it appears that his reputation as a power-wielding bully extends into the music industry, too.

Following a social media campaign to make more men come forward with stories of Weinstein’s misconducts, actress Rose McGowan took to Facebook to voice her displeasure about how that social media platform was at getting results. She notes that she’s received plenty of support on Twitter and Instagram and men are finally starting to speak out against Weinstein. But on Facebook, McGowan wrote, “it’s crickets.” The post is ultimately further calling out her Hollywood friends, calling the people refusing to come forward “weenies” and “archaic.”

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