H.C. McEntire Offers A Rural Look Into Her World With The ‘Quartz In The Valley’ Video

01.29.18 1 year ago

Mount Moriah’s H.C. McEntire impressed with her throwback country and southern rock single “Quartz In The Valley” earlier this month, and now she’s back with an appropriately rural video for the song. Director Alexis Bravos says of the clip, which was partially shot on a hand-cranked 16mm film camera, “The video for ‘Quartz In The Valley’ is an intensely personal view into Heather’s world. I wanted to express the magical feeling of being there, watching her perform in her space which features Lou, the wonder dog.”

McEntire previously described the song, taken from her upcoming solo debut Lionheart, and its origins, saying that it’s the first track that she and Kathleen Hanna worked on together:

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