Heard It Here: Goodbye June’s Grief Led Them To The Healing And Rebellion Of Heartland Rock

07.20.17 8 months ago 3 Comments

Rock is not dead, but it’s definitely old enough for 15% off at the Waffle House. While Steven Tyler celebrated his 69th birthday this last March, a new rock band from West Tennessee set out on their first US tour. So a “new” rock band? That’s right, nearly 40 years after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ronnie Van Zant went down in a plane crash Goodbye June are out with their first full length album Magic Valley.

So why now? Because it’s what they know. Cousins Landon Milbourn, Tyler Baker and Brandon Qualkenbush grew up in Southern Illinois and West Tennessee collectively, and rock — classic rock especially — is alive and well in small town America. Men there are still very loyal to beards, and man buns aren’t openly discussed. Their families were heavily involved in the church, worked hard, served in the military and were — I imagine still are — very proud Americans.

The young cousins bonded over music and the mysteries of what may lie outside of small town life. When Tyler’s brother died unexpectedly; the family got together to mourn. The three cousins stayed together to heal; and Goodbye June was formed. The band wasn’t just a funeral party — it became their ride out of town.

After arriving in Nashville and slugging it out in clubs, the band was actually signed by a major label, yet another rock tradition of a bygone era. ZZ Top took them out to open their North American tour, festival and headline dates followed and have confirmed that regardless of what’s dominating the pop charts, people still want the rock.

On a stop through LA, Uproxx Music invited Goodbye June in to our office to hear this new rock band for ourselves and to see what a small town family thinks of the rest of their country. We’re glad we did and you will be too, check out the interview up top.

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