Henry Rollins Is Full Of The Spirit Of The Holidays Thanks To Stephen Colbert

12.25.15 2 years ago

Henry Rollins made some headlines lately by bringing up everybody’s favorite candidate for president, Donald Trump. Rolling Stone shared his comments about Trump, certainly the type that would make you feel like Rollins is the same old guy we know and love:

“I’m not a Trump fan at all, but he will say what’s on his mind,” Rollins said. “Like, ‘No more Muslims!’ You just said that. And of course in this country, a lot of people agree. Trump, one day he held up his cell phone and said, ‘Here’s Lindsey Graham’s number!’ I could not not laugh … He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time, I don’t think he wants to be president. I think he’s a bored rich guy just being crass.”

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