Here Is The Odd Future Mini-Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

I was really hoping that watching the mini-documentary Odd Future posted to YouTube last night, A Day In Ladera: OFWGKTA, would help me understand exactly who and what they are a little better. Sadly, it did not. However, others feel differently about it, like Consequence of Sound’s Chris Coplan

A Day In Ladera: OFWGKTA, as the 10-minute cinematic experience is called, truly encapsulates what OFWGKTA is all about. Shot in one day in the summer of 2010 by photgrapher Ryan Rigsby in the gang’s hometown of Ladera, CA, the clip captures the band prior to their meteoric rise to fame, before any groundbreaking late-night performances, any dope reissues, or even wins at the VMAs. From riding around bumpin’ music to staging fake inter-group fights and even the highly self aware moment of realizing how quickly they’ll undoubtedly get kicked out of a mall, the unit are at their most raw and most real.

And here’s how the video is described by the member who posted it: “This is documentary-style video we made in summer 2010 (all footy is actually from one day) of the everyday life in Ladera, home of many OF members. This was before all the magazines, the MTV, the Tours, the Jimmy Fallon, the labels, the VMA, and all that stuff.”

To me, it just shows the Odd Future kids acting the a$s is a variety of settings — at the mall, in Burger King, driving around listening to Waka Flocka Flame. I can’t for the life of me figure out if it’s all real or staged performance art. Probably a little bit of both. Still, I’m completely confused about how I feel about these guys. Take a look for yourself and see if you come away with some clarity, because I sure as hell didn’t.

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