High 5 Collective’s Trippy Video For Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You’


I’ve been obsessed with Frank Ocean of late. Basically if you looked at the most played songs in my iPod over the past two months or so half of the top ten would be songs of his. Dude is like a throwback soul crooner with modern sensibilities. It’s a powerful combo. And he’s from New Orleans! He’s a goddamn superstar — the rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet. I just sort of wish he’d break away from Odd Future — he doesn’t need that crew to succeed and I’m not sure it’s a good thing to be associated with them at this point. Real talk.

Additionally, I’ve also been obsessing over High 5 Collective after seeing the video they made for Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church In The Wild.” They’re just a collection of talented artistic renegades who, in their words, “make art for artists that inspire us.” Indeed.

So a Frank Ocean song getting the High 5 treatment — I mean, c’mon y’all, how could I resist? Enjoy.


(Via High 5 Collective’s Tumblr)

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