Hillary Clinton Plays ‘Who’d You Rather VP Edition’ On ‘Ellen’ And Picks Beyonce

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Beyonce and Hillary Clinton have a few things in common. For starters, they’re both powerful, strong-willed women who expertly run their worlds like the girl bosses they are. They also know a thing or two about being cheated on by their husbands with Beckys with the good hair. So it would make totally sense for Hillary to pick the international superstar as her running mate.

Hilldawg appeared on Ellen Wednesday morning and played an extremely difficult, yet fun, game of “Who’d You Rather: VP Edition” and wisely chose the “Formation” singer as her vice presidential candidate over the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio. “I really believe in making lemonade out of lemons,” blurted Clinton when asked to choose between the two stars. Of course, the trendy and incredibly hip former first lady was referencing Beyonce’s record-breaking album, Lemonade. Clinton also said she saw parts of the visual album and thought it was “great” during Ellen’s Facebook Live segment.

Neither Drake nor Chewbacca Mom were enough to change Clinton’s mind about making Beyonce her running mate, but Steve Harvey presented a challenge. The self-assured presidential candidate who’s often criticized for being too indecisive said she would pick both Bey and Steve Harvey, with Beyonce serving as vice president the first term and Steve Harvey the second.

Between choosing Beyonce as her a running mate option, declaring she wants to be “as good a president” as the superstar and revealing she also carries hot sauce in her bag like Bey, two things are pretty clear: 1. Those “Hillary panders to voters of color” accusations may be gaining more steam and 2. Voting for Hillary essentially means voting for Beyonce. Yaaassss!