Hiss Golden Messenger’s Spontaneous, Imperfect New Record ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’ Is A Beacon In Dark Times

09.19.17 2 years ago

M.C. Taylor is lying on his bed with his feet up behind him like he’s “talking on one of those old chat lines.” Taylor jokingly refers to his current body position while on the phone to discuss his masterful new record as Hiss Golden Messenger, Hallelujah Anyhow. The artist has just gotten his kids off to school and has nothing but time before his never ending tour schedule kicks back into gear in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow is a powerful, warm, and lived-in experience. As a whole, the project is steeped in positivity and hope with the air of a record you’ve been listening to your whole life. One that’s there to celebrate good times and also there to lift you up when life’s really busting your chops.

Him and his band recorded it in two days.

The album comes less than a year after his last, Heart Like A Levee, which was also accompanied with eight unreleased songs under the title Vestapol. That’s a lot of Hiss in less than twelve months. Taylor however brushes off the short period between releases as he says creating music is his job. It’s his own chosen profession and it’s not some totally out there idea to come back so fast with a group of such cohesive, impactful tracks.

From his Durham, North Carolina home I spoke with Taylor about how it all came together, how he’s been finding hope in social media, his deep love and respect for everyone he works with, and the simple idea of trying to be a good person each day. Read on below.

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