‘Honda Backstage’ Pulls Back The Curtain On The Journey Of Emerging Artists

For the consumer of music, it’s usually all about the finished product. We get to listen to the album, watch the concert, and experience the fully-realized artist whose ambition to create is paired with a goal of entertaining. Rarely do we see the drive that goes into the music, the sacrifice that artists make for their career, or the countless hours of practice and preparation that musicians go through outside of the public eye.

With Uproxx’s new documentary series Honda Backstage, the curtain gets pulled back on artists’ rise to the top. There’s a reason why it’s rare for a musician to find widespread success, and this series shows the trials they must go through to rise from being a mere talent to being a success story. These are the untold tales of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into being a musician, where moments like being discovered, signing to a label, and headlining a sold-out concert are just steps along a turbulent and exhilarating journey.

From the creators of Uncharted, Honda Backstage will debut with stories from music’s great breakthrough artists, documenting the high and low feelings that come from the process. It’s a wild ride to the top of the music world, and it’s one that people on the outside rarely see. On Honda Backstage, the ascension takes center stage.