This Rapper Gave All His Fans His Phone Number, And It Cost Him Dearly


For anyone, posting a phone number online is a bad idea. If you’re even mildly famous, it’s especially dangerous. But if you’re going to do it, at least make sure you have an unlimited data plan.

Los Angeles rapper Hopsin had the brilliant idea of posting his phone number to his Facebook page. To ensure his phone was properly lit up, he even posted a video proving that he was taking calls and texts (warning: NSFW language):

After 365,869 text messages, Hopsin owed his phone company more than $6,000.

As a society of chronic data plan abusers, we can all feel Hopsin’s pain. I mean, getting hit with a $40 charge because you went on a few untethered Vine-watching binges is bad enough. Think about what that six grand could have been to the average Joe… a European vacation, a mediocre used car, a mid-tier iWatch…

It may be safe to assume that Hopsin will pay a little more attention to those once-annoying data alerts from now on.

(Via Vice)