How To Buy Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Merch

Beyoncé is officially welcoming fans to the Cowboy Carter era. The star made the announcement simply by changing her website’s homepage today, which features a saddle and a sash that bears the album title’s name. Considering it had been previously dubbed “Act II” as a follow-up to Renaissance, there’s certainly a lot of excitement now that she’s confirmed the clear country inspiration.

Along with the official announcement of the album title, Beyoncé added some new merch so fans can get prepared.

Here’s what to know about how to pick up a new item (or many!) from Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter collection.

How To Buy Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Merch

Beyoncé’s new merch for Cowboy Carter is currently available for purchase simply by accessing the “Shop” section at the top of her website. Once there, she offers a few different options. There are two box sets at the moment. One is a white t-shirt with an image of her posing in a cowboy hat, and on the back, it has “Cowboy Carter” in a vintage Marlboro-style font. This also has “Radio, Texas” and “100,000 Watts Of Healing Power” in a smaller type on the bottom of the shirt’s back.

The second shirt set option is a white and red ringer tee. This time, it has “Cowboy Carter” on the front in red, with a cutout image of Beyoncé posing with two finger pistols. The back of this one says, “Act II Cowboy Carter.” Both box sets are $40 and include a CD copy of the album with the respective shirt.

Other merch available in her store includes three limited vinyl copies in red, white, and blue for $40 each and two CD options for $12 each.

More information can be found here.