This Guy Traveled 10,000 Miles To Sing Huey Lewis & The News Karaoke

Filmmaker Michael Feld really loves Huey Lewis & The News. And like most folks who love those purveyors of grade-A ’80s cheese rock, Feld is a bit unique. That’s why he traveled 10,484 miles to visit every town mentioned in Huey’s 1984 hit “Heart of Rock and Roll” and turned it into the world’s most-elaborate karaoke video.

Feld revealed the inspiration for the video below:

“Last summer, while out doing karaoke (and singing Huey of course) I started thinking how great it would be to visit all the cities listed in the song. Why those places? What connected them to Huey Lewis? What rock & roll magic could be found in those disparate places?”

This is where a friend who’s willing to call people out would say, “Michael, that doesn’t sound ‘great’ at all.” But honestly, we can’t argue with the results. Despite how weird the premise is, the video looks like a lot of fun.

Feld says he took 11 planes, four trains and five rental cars to capture landmarks in *deep breath* New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Austin, Boston, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia and Cleveland. And even if the vocals leave something to be desired, at least Feld got a great story out of it.