Hurricane Chris Brings His Goons For Kodak Black In The Video For His New Diss Song

Hurricane Chris is like that cousin who’s always in trouble, so you don’t hang out with him too much because your mom doesn’t want you getting mixed up in foolishness, but he’s the first person hit up when trouble comes calling. And that’s the role Chris appears to have adopted when it comes to wedging himself into the issues between Lil Wayne and Kodak Black. After blasting Kodak on social media recently, King Cane takes the beef into the correct space, the booth, to record a diss track titled “Don’t Play with Me,” which now has a brand new video to boot.

No one knows if Wayne actually hit up Chris to ask him to handle Kodak or if Chris just felt motivated to speak after Kodak tried to snatch Weezy’s “greatest rapper alive” title. Whatever the case, the guy who once rapped about partying shoeless in a hot club is fired up and “Don’t Play with Me” is a stern warning directed at the young rapper. The clip features Chris barking out threats while a room full of goons with guns are mean-mugging behind him. “If I pull out this tool, believe me, it ain’t to get no views,” he raps with chopper in hand.

Kodak hasn’t responded to this latest diss yet, but he was taunting Chris on social media Thursday, mocking the Louisiana rapper by shouting out “Ay baby baby,” the hook from Chris’ biggest hit. But maybe this will rearrange Kodak’s thinking and he’ll settle for the “second best rapper alive” handle for now.