Ice Spice Is Running New York In Style In Her ‘In Ha Mood’ Video

Ice Spice‘s debut EP, Like…? has garnered much buzz since its surprise release last week. On the EP is the standout track “In Ha Mood,” which, like its predecessors “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and “Bikini Bottom” have become viral hits on TikTok.

On the track, Spice embraces her status as rap’s newest princess, saying, “I’m proud that I’m still gettin’ bigger / Goin’ viral is gettin’ ’em sicker / Let’s keep it a buck / B*tches too borin’, got ’em stuck in a rut.”

In the song’s accompanying video, Ice is seen looking fly while walking through a bodega, spitting rhymes surrounded by her clique, and getting styled up in a mirror.

The video was filmed earlier this month, on the day Ice was planning to shoot the video for her Lil Tjay-assisted track, “Gangsta Boo.” Tjay, however, was arrested that day, prompting Spice and her team to shoot the “In Ha Mood” video on the fly.

Over the past year, Ice has become one of the most recognizable names and faces in Bronx drill. In a recent interview with NME, she said she only anticipates for drill music to grow in popularity.

“I feel that it’s only gonna keep getting bigger and it’s just the start of a huge era,” Ice said. “You know when trap was really big and it became this movement? People thought it was gonna die down over time but it just became stronger and stronger. I feel like drill will become mainstream music at some point, and it won’t be so categorized. It’s already changing hip-hop, but we won’t notice until we look back.”

Check out the video for “In Ha Mood” video above.