Irv Gotti Blamed The Furor In Charlottesville On The Kardashians and Jenners, And People Aren’t Having It

Irv Gotti is known to most as the founder of now defunct The Inc record label. His opinions on the intricacies and sociopolitical ramifications of racism in America were never going to be super coherent or thought out, but his latest — now deleted — post to Instagram is something else. In short, the onetime mogul blames the recent resurgence of white supremacists and Nazis not on the race-baiting and xenophobic ramblings of Donald Trump, who refused at the time to denounce the white supremacist fervor overtaking Charlottesville this weekend, but on…The Kardashian family, specifically their penchant for dating black men.

In the long post, Gotti stated that the blame for racism can be laid at the feet of Kylie Jenner, who has a well-known preference for dating rappers, and possibly starting rumors about them to generate headlines, writing,

“F*ck it. Let’s talk about it right now. This is what they hate right now. With a passion. Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s daughter. Arguably the HOTTEST CHICK ON THE PLANET!! Dated Tyga!! Now dating Travis Scott!! 2 RAP N*GGAS!! I think when Trump says. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I think he is saying LETS GET OUR WOMEN BACK!! Cause the Hip Hop Culture has f*cked up the whole sh*t. F*ck it. I’m gonna say it. THE KARDASHIAN CLAN AND THE TWO JENNER DAUGHTERS. Has f*cked up the whole world.”

Well, that explains…precisely nothing. While there are undoubtedly many backwards-thinking bigots who stay up nights worrying about miscegenation, the violence in Charlottesville is about a lot more than that. Gotti deleted the post, but not before being excoriated on social media. With rappers from Kodak Black to Boosie Badazz letting Instagram walk them into the jaws of of social community primed to drag anyone who slips up even a little bit, maybe it’s time for more hip-hop public figures to start hiring social media managers?