Is Childish Gambino Retiring?

Donald Glover has faced recent rumors that his time in music as Childish Gambino is over. Over the past few years, Glover has focused more on television, with his work on shows like Atlanta and Swarm.

In 2017, he had also said that he would retire his stage name after his next album. The record then dropped in 2020, and he changed his mind.

Because of this, fans have stuff on the way to still look forward to — as he discussed his future as Gambino in a new interview with Complex.

“I feel like it’ll be clear sooner rather than later,” Glover shared. “It’d be better for people to just tune in, I suppose. But I’m trying harder to not be cryptic. Tyler [The Creator] is always, like, ‘You’re so cryptic.’ But I’m like, ‘I’m really not.’ I just like suspense, I guess. I think it makes stuff better. But that’s just me.”

He also referenced Cam’ron as a relatable figure, with the two both continuing with music because they’re nice, not for the money. “I don’t think I’d ever stop, because of like…” he added. “I always liked it because I liked it. I never did it because it was like, man, this is a good way to get put on or something. I like the feeling of it. I do this because I’m nice. In a certain way, I think that makes me old school.”

Back in January, he also confirmed to E! News at the Golden Globes that he was in the studio working on new music.

Here’s hoping we get to see what Glover has planned for his Childish Gambino project soon.