Kanye West Says He Is Suing YesJulz For Over $8 Million For Breaking Her Contract

The dispute between Kanye West and former contracter Julieanna Goddard — aka YesJulz — is apparently escalating, as the producer shared the text of an alleged lawsuit on Sunday (March 17) on his Instagram Story. According to XXL, which captured a screenshot of the Story post before Kanye deleted it, the text of the suit reads:

Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally and grossly violated the terms of her Non-Disclosure Agreement with complainants including publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for the Vultures album and product designs before release. To say Goddard suffers from a lack of impulse control would be to excuse her from responsibility for behavior that is hurtful, hateful, and destructive.


Well, I am just gobsmacked. It certainly sounds like someone we all know. I wonder if Kanye’s house has ANY mirrors in it, at all.

West seeks restitution “in excess of $8,000,000” which… somehow… it seems unlikely he’s ever going to see. Goddard did dare West and his “chief of staff” Milo Yiannopoulos to sue her in her response to being fired from the Yeezy brand, but considering Ye’s established pattern of grand announcements and haphazard follow-through (see: the aforementioned Vultures rollout, Ye’s 2020 presidential campaign), Goddard probably isn’t in very much danger of having to pay a dime.

For what it’s worth, Kanye only posted this text to his Instagram Story with no comment, so it’s possible he hasn’t even filed the suit yet (after all, court’s closed on Sunday). Uproxx was unable to independently confirm that any such document was submitted through LA Superior Court systems, but considering it can often take a while to get docs digitized, that’s no evidence that it wasn’t filed. We’ll just have to wait and see if Julz responds — and how.