Isaiah Rashad’s ‘Park’ Is A Perfect Precursor To His New Album, ‘The Sun’s Tirade’

With just a week to go until Isaiah Rashad’s second LP with TDE hits retailers, the Chattanooga MC continues the gradual release of information and material that has become synonymous with the label by finally revealing the album’s title: The Sun’s Tirade.

Zay followed up that tidbit with a new track from the album, “Park,” produced by Park Ave and Dee Sanders. The slow burner starts with Isaiah warming up cautiously before the beat drops with a subtle but effective delivery, boasting “Momma, I knew I was bout it / way before venues was crowded.”

Eventually, he settles into a more persistent and tenacious flow, ripping through bars back-to-back while barely giving himself space to catch his breath.

“I want to piss on a rapper
I just got hookers and Pampers
N****s line up when I practice
I’m not a savage, I don’t do shit just to do it
This going precise as we planned it
I’m just a bandit
Plus I’m as sharp as a tack or a guillotine right at your family
Keep it so candid, knock it like sheets in some candy
You’ll die for this shit, are you branded?”

When he finally does take a break, it’s just a brief reprise as he hops right back in with even more aggression before finally finishing the track off with some smooth and understated harmonizing, finishing off the three-minute roller coaster ride.

It’s quite the journey, and a fine precursor for his album just a week away from its release. The Sun’s Tirade hits retailers Friday, September 2.

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