J. Cole Teased More New Music With A New ‘Might Delete Later’ Vlog With A Phone Number Fans Can Call To Hear A Song Snippet From Him And Bas

Back in February, J. Cole used a burner account, @mightdelete_26 to tease a new song, presumably from his long-awaited seventh studio album The Fall Off. Buried amid a mid-90s-esque, ‘zine-style vlog, Cole secreted away a snippet of the track, which featured a new direction for him sonically. It looks like he’s going to continue to use the account to preview new music despite its handle, as he returned with another new post today.

Once again, the post included grainy, low-fi footage interspersing behind-the-scenes vignettes with ’90s CD-ROM UI graphics, Cole’s workout, skate-video fisheye lenses, and infomercial-style advertising. This time, he snuck a couple of snippets into the video, one a mellow banger with fellow Dreamville rapper Bas and the other, with an aggressive beat. At the end, an infomercial graphic gives out “Lil Cole’s burner” phone number next to a spinning Nokia brick phone (indestructible!) as a clip of The Diplomats’ 2002 Diplomatic Immunity track “I’m Ready” plays in the background. Check the video out below.

Fans have been impatiently waiting for The Fall Off since Cole first teased its existence at the end of his fifth album, KOD. Since then, he’s released another album, The Off-Season, and shared his “to-do list” revealing a loose timeline of when fans can expect The Fall Off. However, he still has yet to provide a proper release date, preferring to bait fans with teasers and release rumors. But there are signs its coming; while on tour with Drake, J. Cole said the album is nearly nearly done, telling concertgoers, “Right now, I’m at the tail end of working on this album.”