Jack Harlow Thinks A Drake Album That’s Not Exactly Beloved Will One Day Be Considered A ‘Classic’

In 2018, Drake dropped Scorpion, a project that’s not the most esteemed in his discography: It’s one of his lowest-rated projects on Metacritic, with 2021’s Certified Lover Boy being his only album with a worse score. Despite that, Jack Harlow thinks the album will eventually be regarded as a “classic.”

In a recent interview with Rap Radar (as Complex notes), Harlow spoke about nostalgia, saying, “What people want is changing, what the youth wants is changing, and it’s almost like Drake, Kendrick [Lamar], and [J.] Cole, their voices are damn-near nostalgic at this point. We know this is good ’cause this is from the days when things were a little better. […] It’s almost like we’re living in a time where people feel like this era isn’t special enough to stamp anything as timeless or classic as if the time of classic sh*t, it already happened.”

It was at this point that Harlow declared Scorpion “is gonna be a classic.”

He went on to speak about a conversation he and John Mayer had: “I was talking to John Mayer about this, about how culture’s so fragmented. Artists put out music and the artist’s job is to respond or comment on culture and society. He and I were talking about how there’s no shared human experience anymore because everyone’s living in their own pockets. Everyone’s choosing what to digest. You got your shows, you got your own artists, so you get to live in your pocket and you don’t need to be told who’s a star, who’s most important. When Kendrick, Drake, and Cole, that was still a time where people were saying, ‘Nah, everyone needs to know these are the most important people.’ Now everyone gets to choose what’s important to them. Everyone is living a fragmented version of culture.”