Jack White Was Nothing But Smiles As He Threw Out The First Pitch At A Tigers’ Game

Jack White might’ve been portrayed as quite the grump the other day when he attended a Chicago Cubs game and was caught on camera. In fact, pretty much everyone assumed he hated baseball, smiling, living, the whole gamut.

Well we’re here to set the record straight and prove that Jack White is a fan and he’s full of smiles, just like a real person. He’s clad in a fine throwback Tigers’ jersey and even throws out the first pitch to Santa Claus of all people.

So don’t believe all this grumpy sh*t about rock and roll’s only living advocate (f*cking Black Keys). The proof is right here, with another angle below. Plus, when you look close enough, you’ll realize his heart grew three sizes today. That’s something special.

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(Via M Live / Detroit Tigers)