James Blunt Reveals That Ed Sheeran’s Knighting Incident With Princess Beatrice Was A Fabrication

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It’s been a few months since we learned Ed Sheeran had his face sliced open by Princess Beatrice, but it’s a fine time to remember since his latest album Divide ruling the charts and breaking records. The reviews might be a little brutal and even a bit personal, but none of that is stopping fans from picking up the album.

So why look back on a botched fake knighting? Well since Sheeran is in the headlines, it seems people are asking questions about anything they can grab onto. That’s why James Blunt was hit with a question about the sword cutting over at Shortlist and ended up revealing that the entire thing was a lie:

You were there when Ed Sheeran’s face was cut, allegedly by Princess Beatrice as she went to mock-knight you. What actually happened?

Ed was drunk, messing around, and he cut himself. We made a fancy story up; people fell for it. It was very embarrassing.

How much of it was made up?

All of it. Apart from the actual scar. It’s bizarre that people fell for it. I blame him. He must be desperate – he’s trying to sell records.

Blunt and Sheeran are supposed to be touring together soon, but how can you do such things when your bro is tossing you under the bus like this? Then again, we could very well be chewing on another fabrication here and Blunt is just helping his friend “sell records” by tossing the story back out there.

Either way, it’s far more believable that Sheeran was drunk and cut his face during some fall than whatever silly story they made up back in November. It certainly makes it a lot funnier to read the “insider sources” tell about how Princess Beatrice was upset and Sheeran was a gentleman.

(Via Shortlist)

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