Watch James Elkington’s Sunlit ‘Sister Of Mine’ Video And Stream His Debut Album ‘Wintres Woma’

Managing Editor, Music

James Elkington is a legend in folk guitar circles, but he’s worked mostly as a collaborator, in bands, or in duos with other guitarists for the majority of his career. Now, he’s finally releasing his own solo debut record, Wintres Woma, and today the whole thing is streaming over at NPR. So far, we’ve heard “Make It Up,” which announced his new album, and “Wading In The Vapors.”

Additionally, for those who are still getting familiar with Elkington’s work, a stand-alone track above, “Sister Of Mine,” debuts courtesy of a gorgeous, pastoral video.

For that track in particular, Elkington shared his inspiration behind the song, noting that he doesn’t often write songs from someone else’s point of view, but this is one. Read his thoughts below:

“I hardly ever write songs from other people’s points of view, but I’d been reading about the Roman Emperor, Caligula (possibly in anticipation of our current administration) and started thinking about how the great megalomaniac monsters of history hardly ever think of themselves as monsters. They nearly always seem to be able to justify their actions to themselves, so I wrote his horrible history as a kind of mundane letter that he might have written to his sister (who was also his best friend and confident).”

Wintres Woman is out next Friday, 6/30 on Paradise Of Bachelors. Pre-order it here.

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