People Listened To A Lot Of Janet Jackson On Thursday After Trump Insulted Hillary Clinton

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There were many noteworthy moments at the Presidential Debate on Wednesday night, but only one that probably had such a drastic effect on an artist’s decades old catalogue. After Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” the internet went nuts creating memes based off Janet Jackson’s timeless hit “Nasty.”

Who doesn’t love Janet Jackson? Well maybe Donald Trump, if he’s paying attention. Jackson’s single has now become a bit of a symbol of Clinton’s battle against the patriarchy. The memes went on all throughout Thursday, and it seems as if everybody was bopping to Janet at work as well, as Spotify reports that streams of the song went up 250% after the debate.

The song is a classic, and if people didn’t realize before they sure as hell should now. Janet’s Super Bowl mishap (AKA Justin Timberlake mostly leaving her out to dry in the Parents Television Council outrage-fueled aftermath) sidelined her career for a while, but now Janet is back and looks happier than ever. She’s pregnant, glowing, and planning on touring after she gives birth and spends some time with her newborn.

With any luck, Trump’s insensitive comment will have the side effect of exposing “Nasty” – and the rest of Janet’s awesome catalogue – to new fans and a younger generation of music listeners.