Jason Aldean Wore Blackface This Halloween For His Lil Wayne Costume

How did Jason Aldean think this was okay? Wearing blackface as a part of your Halloween costume is wrong 100 percent of the time. If you think people won’t get your costume without blackface, then maybe go with something else. You would think this would be widely known but country star Jason Aldean didn’t get the memo.

The story came out last week thanks to NashvilleGab, and today Aldean’s rep has confirmed that the singer “dressed as rapper Lil Wayne for Halloween.” Aldean seems (seemed) like a smart person, he’s even a partner on Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service, along with Lil Wayne. This should make for an interesting partners meeting.

There had to be a crazy sequence of events that led up to this poor decision and on top of all that, he had to look in the mirror before going out and say, “Yep, this is it. There’s nothing wrong with any of this!”

(Via NashvilleGab)