Jason Derulo Threw A Tantrum, Got Kicked Off A Flight, And Fired His Travel Agent

This Instagram video shows the frustration felt by Jason Derulo after his crew was kicked off a Southwest flight out of Reno on Saturday. Derulo reportedly hired a private jet with his own funds after an altercation. The trouble began when Derulo asked for an escort on his way into the airport and was denied. He then called “bullsh*t,” which is what started the chain reaction.

TMZ reports that Derulo and his crew argued loudly with Southwest employees upon arrival at their gate. They were barred from boarding the airplane, but Derulo entered the plane anyway. He and the crew were ejected from the plane by airport security. This is a bizarre situation, as Southwest is a discount airline with few frills; there’s no telling what Derulo and his crew expected from their travels, but here’s the lowdown:

Jason Derulo and his crew were booted from a flight Saturday after he and his bodyguard got into it with an airport employee … eyewitnesses tell TMZ.

We’re told Derulo was traveling from Reno to L.A. when one of his bodyguards was denied preferred boarding … one eyewitness says he wanted TSA precheck but for some reason didn’t get it.

According to eyewitnesses, Derulo and his team got p*ssed and started shouting at an airport employee. One eyewitness says an employee from the airline told Derulo and crew they would not be allowed to take the flight, but they went through security anyway.

So Derulo hopped on a private jet, where he aired his grievances with the whole of Instagram. He also publicly blamed and fired his travel agent on the spot. TMZ added an update to their original article, saying Derulo’s crew was “extremely upset” with Southwest Airlines for hampering their travel plans.

Derulo may have fired away on Instagram, but his songwriter — Michael Keaton’s son, Sean Douglas — has greeted the incident with radio silence. Douglas, who regularly travels with Derulo, appears to be a drama-free guy. It would be interesting to see how he felt about this situation.

In the meantime, Derulo’s Instagram commenters are not impressed.

(via TMZ)