The Men Of ‘SNL,’ Along With Jason Momoa, Can’t Help But Think About The Roman Empire, Much To The Ladies’ Chagrin

Over the past few months, several women have taken to TikTok, noting that men frequently think about the Roman empire. This has since spawned memes with people describing fixations of their own as their personal “Roman empire.” Tonight (November 18), in a hilarious music video sketch on Saturday Night Live, the men of the cast doubled down on their fascination with this age.

The video opens with the fictional wives of guest host Jason Momoa, Mikey Day, and Kenan Thompson — played respectively by Ego Nwodim, Chloe Troast, and Punkie Johnson — singing of concerns that their husbands are fantasizing about other women. Momoa then delivers a hilarious rap, ensuring that there’s not lust for other women, but rather, a desire to return to the age of the Roman empire.

As the men continue to rap about how simple of a time the age of the Roman empire must’ve been, Nwodim expresses concern that the fascination is passing along to hers and Momoa’s fictional son.

But the son expresses that he is more interested in dinosaurs, which, like the Roman empire, are in the ground.

The ladies then suggest the men take up other interests — like astrology.

You can see the hilarious music video above.