Jay Pharoah Is Dealing With All Of His Issues In The New Music Video For ‘Problems’

Jay Pharoah has teamed up with our friends at Above Average once again to deliver the music video for his song, “Problems.” In it, Pharoah talks about all of the typical things that rappers deal with, from the many, many women in their lives to smoking weed all day, every day, but his so-called problems don’t seem to be as typical as the cool rappers that the kids are listening to today, like Coolio or Snow. Instead, he’s pining for the love of his life that got away and complaining about the difference between the first and second times he smoked weed. Not that any of us can sympathize, because drugs are bad and nobody should do drugs.

As an added bonus, Above Average is giving away the single for free, so go download “Problems” and then tell your friends that you personally know Jay Pharoah, and that’s how you got it. They’ll believe you.