Jay-Z Drops The ‘Blue’s Freestyle’ Video For Blue Ivy’s Sixth Birthday

[protected-iframe id=”8cfd87ddb8d7376284143ffc08b2c4db-60970621-76566046″ info=”https://embed.tidal.com/player/?type=v&id=82964718″ frameborder=”0″ style=”width: 650px; height: 360px;”]

Some of us remember our sixth birthday presents as the toy we wanted so badly, a trip to somewhere fun, or maybe some cool clothes all the kids were wearing that we finally got. It makes sense that for the child of musical superstars that might look a little different, so it’s not a surprise that proud papa Jay-Z released Blue Ivy’s very own animated music video for her song, “Blue’s Freestyle,” in celebration of his baby turning “not-so-baby-anymore.”

The animated video, a Tidal exclusive (as expected), begins with an image of a performance hall. Once we’re granted access, we hear classical music and see images of Blue Ivy on stage in ballet attire and Beyonce-reminiscent braids on deck, ready to kill a routine just like her mama. Her parents are present in the audience, along with a fussy Sir and Rumi Carter. The music begins and while we and the rest of the “audience” in the video are expecting a very poised, serious ballet routine, baby Blue busts out the mic and performs “Blue’s Freestyle” for us, first to the chagrin of her parents (and one random audience member). As time goes on, though, everything settles and the audience starts grooving with her, making Sir and Rumi throw their hands up and Bey and Jay loosen up a bit, right before Blue drops to the mic to the sound of the audience going wild.

The video was directed by Jay-Z and appropriately, Chaka Pilgrim. It’s a sharp contrast to the seriousness of Jay’s “Family Feud” video that released December 29, but we’re here for Blue’s bars, and the track is fire.

Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! We can’t wait to see what the girl who’s “never seen a ceiling in her whole life” will drop for year seven.