A Youth Group Went Viral Dancing To Jay-Z’s ‘Story Of OJ’ At Church

Jay-Z is still the most popular performer in the most popular genre in America, so it must have made perfect sense for the kids in this Facebook video, which went viral, to do a praise dance at their California church to his latest hit record, “The Story Of O.J.” After all, there are many parallels between what the Bible ostensibly has to say about generational wealth and charity, and what Jay has to say on 4:44 about those same subjects.

However, while Jay’s monetary advice ruffled more than a few feathers in the rap industry — some more than others — the video has upset the table among an entirely different demographic, one that doesn’t often intersect with the rap elder stateman’s usual market segment. Many worshippers are perturbed by the language used in “The Story Of O.J.,” which includes gratuitous use of a certain word that starts with “N” and has been the subject of nearly endless debate in America since the mid-eighties. Per the original poster, there was no ill intent, but of course, this is the internet, and once the post got out in the wild, needless to say, there were any number of responses, ranging from encouraging to outraged.

Ok I just want to say that I didn’t upload this video with ANY NEGATIVE intent. I was recording this for my personal friends and family to see what they thought. Is this to modern or should other churches allow the youth to do the same. All the negative comments about this church and what they do is on you. If it has offended anyone I apologize.

The video currently has over 1.4 million views on Facebook. For what it’s worth, maybe the next time these kids will be content to use the clean version instead.