Jay-Z Returns To Twitter After Questlove Tweeted About ‘In My Lifetime, Vol. 1’

When Jay-Z tweets, you might as well buy a lottery ticket. After sending a total of zero tweets in both 2019 and 2020, Hov sent a meager five to the three million followers of his @sc account in 2021. Two were thank yous following his Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction, and three were about Jack Dorsey/Square’s purchase of Tidal. There was also one reply to Jack Dorsey, who was bigging up Tidal’s algorithm. It’s not the most riveting stuff and Jay-Z (who won’t do a Verzuz battle) also follows exactly zero people on the platform. Suffice it to say, Twitter just isn’t his thing. That’s cool. But pardon us for getting excited when he does tweet out something revealing, which is exactly what happened Sunday in a brief exchange with Questlove.

Somehow, this all started when a Pro Wrestling podcast host sent an innocuous tweet about the polarizing 1997 single “Always Be My Sunshine.” “Hot take: ‘Sunshine’ by Jay-Z was fine and got an unnecessarily bad rap. Actually holds up better now than it did then,” tweeted Will Washington. This prompted a quoted retweet from Questlove, who had some feelings of his own about Jay-Z’s 1997 sophomore album, his first with Def Jam. “Our main argument is his hate for Vol 1. He is embarrassed for trying to make a monster & not putting numbers up. But ALOT of this lp contains his best moments. Fight me @sc,” Questo said.

And lo and behold, this got Mr. Carter out of hiding. At 8:45 am on January 16th in the year of our lord 2022, Jay-Z clapped back, writing, “Agreed . More so, I know what could have been, so it haunts me … streets is watching was the first song made !”