Jazmine Sullivan Gets Harshly Criticized Over A ‘Tacky’ Post To A Deceased Admirer

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This absolutely breaks my heart to learn, but it looks Jazmine Sullivan may be one of those people. The type of person to hear of a death, log on social media and, somehow, make it all about themselves. Except this one is even worse because the Grammy-nominated R&B singer spent her entire social media post detailing how she spent a whole year curving a recently deceased admirer.

Gospel singer Thomas ‘TC’ Clay passed away over the weekend, and as “tribute” to him, Jazmine Sullivan posted a really lengthy eulogy that’s being called “tacky” and “narcissistic” by fans.

“I didn’t know TC very well,” Jazmine innocently begins her controversial message before digging herself into a hole. “What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year.”

And it pretty much gets worse from there as Sullivan reveals she only replied to TC’s texts “maybe three times,” and shared other details like the time he made a five-minute song about her at a club and how she “didn’t say much to him” as to not “lead him on.” The Reality Show singer ends the tribute by once again reminding us that TC is still crushing on her from heaven followed by a “sad” picture of herself. Jesus Christ.

Well, as Sullivan is learning today, perhaps she should’ve just kept it short and sweet with “RIP” because a post on friend zoning a dead guy is a bad call.

“Jazmine Sullivan going in on details about a dead man trying to get at her, and using LOL etc in a post about a dead person is tacky af,” tweeted a fan following the post going viral. “I never thought you could be a bird and a headass simultaneously but then there’s Jazmine Sullivan. My God.”

Jazmine Sullivan has since deleted the post.