Jeff Rosenstock Made His Epic TV Debut With An Anti-Capitalist Anthem On ‘Carson Daly’

04.04.17 2 years ago

After decades in the underground DIY/club circuit, Jeff Rosenstock — who released one of the best rock records of 2016 with his magnum opus Worry — made his debut on late night television on Monday night, with a performance on Last Call With Carson Daly. For the performance, Daly’s crew taped the band, which is now comprised of five members and a staggering amount of keyboards, performing Worry track

“Festival Song” during their recent set opening for the Menzingers at LA’s Regent Theater in mid-March. “Festival Song” is a very internal and cynical take on Rosenstock’s discomfort with appearing at corporate-sponsored music festivals around the country, which makes its presence on syndicated late-night television all the more interesting. Check out the epic performance in full above.

The song is definitely raw and gritty, but that’s just one of the reasons why we love Jeff Rosenstock. Not to mention the incredible energy that the band brings to the stage each and every night is palpable in this clip, with Rosenstock and his bandmates bounce around the stage, some of them switching between two or three instruments throughout the performance. Of course, as the clip was airing, Rosenstock was sitting on Twitter vocalizing his thoughts on the performance as they were unfolding in real time. Check out some select tweets below.

For more on Rosenstock and the making of Worry, read Steven Hyden’s interview with him. Worry is out now on SideOneDummy Records.

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