Vanessa Bayer’s ‘Sound Advice’ To Jenny Lewis: Reunite ‘Troop Beverly Hills’

Vanessa Bayer‘s alter ego of Janessa Slater has sat with dozens of artists, giving them probably the worst ideas possible in Sound Advice. We’ve seen this with Drake, Chromeo, and Tanlines to name a few. This week, the life coach met with indie rock powerhouse Jenny Lewis to offer her two cents on what path she should be taking.

Mainly, it’s just Janessa trying to impress the former Rilo Kiley singer with her (fake) knowledge of weed and how much she would love Troop Beverly Hills to get back together. But if we met her, to be perfectly honest, it would probably be the same thing but with The Wizard instead. “Sure, yes, all the best strains of weed are good!” Yeah, she probably wouldn’t buy that either.

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(Via Above Average)