Jillian Bell From ‘Workaholics’ Tried Hard To Chat With Justin Timberlake With Embarrassing Results

Jillian Bell has a serious resumé that’s growing and has no signs of slowing down. She’s brilliant on Workaholics, and ever since Paul Thomas Anderson cast her in The Master, she’s been cast non-stop around Hollywood from Goosebumps to Inherent Vice. She probably has no issues interacting with celebrities considering how much work she’s done with some real heavy-hitters, right? Kinda. When she was a writer on SNL, Justin Timberlake walked through the door to chat with Kristen Wiig and straight-shook Jillian into saying some embarrassing things.

Because, you know, when two friends are riffing on how Kristen Wiig’s butt looks on the MacGruber poster, you probably shouldn’t discuss how a penis should go in her keister. Nope. And when Justin Timberlake smoothly (how else) backs out of attending the MacGruber premiere in New York, letting Wiig know that he’ll be in LA, you probably shouldn’t expect Justin to come with you to a screening in LA. Even if you’re awesome and he should go with you because you’ll both be in the same town and everything. But seriously, no.

And so ends the lesson that sometimes even veterans of the entertainment industry get flustered by the celebrities they obsessed over when they were teens. It’s okay, we’re all just people!

(Via Team Coco)

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