Jim Gaffigan Argues That People Hate Nickelback Just To Seem Cool To Their Friends

Perhaps in addition to the only inevitabilities in life being death and taxes, making fun of Nickelback should be added to that list. People have been trying to get to the bottom of just why everyone hates Nickelback for a long time now, although the remains elusive. People even consider Nickelback to be more contemptible than Donald Trump. Donald Trump, let that sink in. The practice of making fun of Nickelback has been going on since the band exploded onto corporate rock radio airwaves in 2001 and perhaps most detractors have forgotten exactly why they even hate Nickelback by now.

Jim Gaffigan in an appearance on CONAN with Conan O’Brien makes the argument that Nickelback are one of those bands that people just hate because everyone else hates them and it makes you seem tremendously uncool to say that you don’t hate them.

“I don’t know anything about Nickelback, but I know that, like, my friends that are super cool despise Nickelback. Like they kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby, you know? It’s like, they’re just playing music, if you don’t like it, turn it off.”

Gaffigan goes on to explain that most of his “cool” friends who insult Nickelback wait tables for a living while Nickelback sells out arenas. So Gaffigan broached the subject on The Jim Gaffigan Show including an appearance from the band. While his argument veers off into the territory of logical fallacy by talking about critics not being as successful as the band, but he does have a point about people just going along with everyone else to not seem lame. Nobody wants to be lame. Nobody wants to be a Nickelback fan, that’s for sure.