This Rapper Is Trading His New Album For Pokemon Cards

Grime rapper/Pokemon fan JME is looking to offload some copies of his self-released album Integrity. But rather than charge fans money and use that cash to buy rare Pokemon cards, JME is cutting out the middle man and swapping fans copies of his vinyl for their cards.

Well, a better word is “card.” The Boy Better Know founder and actual sibling of Skepta is specifically looking for shiny Charizard cards from the first generation of Pokemon cards.

Don’t try to give him anything else.

Even new Charizard cards won’t do.

Definitely don’t come to him with anything less than pristine, or he’ll roast you like a Fire Spin.

JME has proven to be a man of his word, already swapping with two fans.

Even if you do find a Charizard to trade, don’t expect a clear answer as to why JME is collecting them.

(Via the FADER)