John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Continue To Be ‘That Couple’ Playing Charades On ‘Fallon’

Damn you and your happiness, beloved photogenic power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Sorry, that’s just saltiness on our end. It’s just there’s a level of charm in their arsenal where they can be the lovable doofus team getting really into charades and not have you want to through ’em off your couch and over the balcony. They’ve somehow made watching a mom and dad mime stuff come across like thrilling network fare!

Jimmy Fallon broke from his traditional hard-hitting issues-based Tonight Show style last night for a game of charades featuring Teigen, Legend and Fallon’s chat show pal Chelsea Handler. Legend and Tiegen naturally brought their cozy coupledom to one team and Fallon and Handler, uh, they didn’t have that. Everyone did have a lovely time, though! Fallon somehow wasn’t the giggly person in the room which we suppose is possible when professional recording artist/super rich guy John Legend wriggling like Ariel from The Little Mermaid for our entertainment. His unzipped fly was not a part of this merman’s clue.

This is an all-star performance that syncs up rather nicely with our current Late Night Week showcase. If you don’t have time for a tribute to Norm Macdonald’s heaven-sent brand of talk show chaos, what do you have time for?