JoJo And Wiz Khalifa Don’t Want Your ‘Apologies’

“I ain’t apologizing for sh*t. I do what I want, and JoJo does too,” declares Wiz Khalifa in the opening lines to JoJo’s new single. It’s a fitting introduction to the pair’s summertime petty anthem, produced by Wolf Cousins. JoJo feels no remorse for her former relationship because she realized she didn’t do anything wrong. Hence the lines: “I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it/F*ck apologies.” And Wiz feels the same way about his ex, too, telling her to “call an Uber up if you need a ride.”

Music fans in their 20s and older may remember JoJo as the 12-year-old singer who scored hits with “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” before seemingly falling off the face of the Earth. It turns out the now 25-year-old was involved in a protracted battle with her former label, but now she’s ready to release her debut album on Atlantic Records, Mad Love, on October 14 of this year.

According to iHeartRadio, JoJo revealed via Facebook Live that the 13-track album will include three feature artists. Who they are at this point is anybody’s guess, but she’ll most likely reveal them in the coming months as part of the promotional cycle.