Watch This ‘The Voice’ Contestant Crush A Cover Of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

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09.23.15 24 Comments

With the return of both The Voice and football, Monday nights mean that I spend one hour with my family watching normal people trying to sing popular songs before watching really famous athletes crush each other on Monday Night Football. Quite the contrast, obviously. This past Monday was the season nine premiere for NBC’s long-running singing show, and things kicked off with the ‘Blind Audition’ segment, whose high point was an unbelievable cover of Sia’s “Chandelier.” The producers worked their magic here by concealing the singer from not only the judges, but to the audience, as well. Initially, all viewers were allowed to experience was the singer’s voice powering through a song that’s not the easiest to cover.

The contestant, Jordan Smith, absolutely nailed it with a high pitch voice that blew away everyone who appeared on night one. As the judges slap their buzzers and spin around in the chairs, we’re finally shown the singer about halfway through the performance, and it’s a guy who the judges later remark they initially thought was a woman. The Kentucky vocalist took it in stride and admits he gets the “ma’am” thing pretty often. At the song’s end, all four judges give the singer a standing ovation, and I turned to my wife to ask, “Uhm… do you have goosebumps, too, or is it just me?”

With all options available to him, Smith ended up selecting Adam Levine as his coach, which probably means he’ll most likely be locked into a battle with another contestant from Team Blake. Smith’s pipes assure whoever he faces will be given a run for their money.

Source: Entertain This

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