Josh Homme And Alex Turner Interviewed Each Other On Beats 1 Radio

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Even if guitar-based rock ‘n’ roll has been down to less than one beer for a while now, there are still those fighting the good fight to keep the former commercial force of a genre alive.

Perhaps no two figures have fought harder than Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. The duo met up to talk shop on Homme’s Beats 1 Radio show Alligator Hour on July 29.

A discussion on note-taking eventually led to the duo reading stray notes on their iPhones. Among the weirder ones was Josh Homme’s “Put glass in front of everything” and Alex Turner’s “John Lennon as a TV chef.”

Turner also recounted the time that his notes were stolen.

“I had a bag stolen once with my notebook in it and that did horrify me. Even songs that are finished and get recorded, I still feel self-conscious lyrically. The idea that the drafts exist makes me uncomfortable.”

Someone out there knows about Whatever People Say I Am, That’s Probably Accurate.

The episode was only part one of Turner’s chat with Homme, with the second part coming next week. Listen to the episode above, and look for Turner around the half-hour mark.

(Via NME)

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