JT Isn’t Here For Haters Coming At Her ‘Sideways’ On Her New Solo Single

JT of City Girls is continuing a run of solo bangers. Tonight (February 2), she shared her new single, “Sideways.”

The track features JT establishing herself as a solo act, while still repping the Miami rap duo. Like on her previously released track, “No Bars,” JT maintains her energy, while riding the beat with energy.

“B*tch, I ain’t friendly, I don’t f*ck with y’all b*tches / Tryna take who? It ain’t enough of y’all b*tches / Hoes so phony got me lookin’ at ’em sideways / It’ll never be the same, motherf*cker, old days,” she raps on the song’s chorus.

Over the years, JT has been known to add a punch to City Girls tracks. Her chemistry with her bandmate Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee is undeniable. But with “Sideways,” as well as upcoming solo songs, JT aims to make herself a rapper of her own accord. Perhaps a solo album or mixtape may soon be on the way, as she lays the groundwork for longevity.

“‘Sideways’ is a song not a verse,” said JT in a statement, “and in 2024 I want to go from ‘JT has good verses!’ to ‘JT make good songs!’”

You can see the video for “Sideways” above.