The Migos Give An Assist To Jim Jones And Juelz Santana On ‘Ds Up’

With all of the dissension within Dipset at the moment, and with Cam’ron and Jim Jones at each other’s neck whenever the opportunity arises it’s nice to see some Dipset unity, however brief, even if Cam isn’t involved. That latest taste of unity arrived when Juelz Santana released his track with Migos and Jim Jones after teasing the track for a while. Titled “Ds Up,” the song surfaced on Juelz’s Soundcloud with no announcement, but he internet obviously wasted no time in sniffing it out.

Migos do most of the heavy lifting on the Southside-produced track, which makes sense as the trio outnumbers Jimmy and Juelz. Santana offers hums in the background for nearly two minutes before finally making his presence felt. It’s an odd fit, but gives each artist’s fanbases something they’ll like, which was probably the point.

Jimmy eventually pops up late into the track, but chooses not to use the platform to send any more shots at Cam, as the song appears to have been recorded some time ago. The track is just one of the few Juelz has dropped from his forthcoming project The Get Back. With the help of Migos, it should garner him some attention as he waits to release the mixtape soon.