Julianna Barwick Lets Her Ethereal Vocals Shine On The Adult Swim Single ‘Garland’

Zia Anger

The last time we heard from Julianna Barwick, she released Will, one of the best experimental albums of 2016. It’s been quiet on the Barwick front since then, but now she’s back with a new song, a contribution to the Adult Swim Singles series called “Garland.”

Over the course of the four-minute track, Barwick layers “oohs” and other abstract vocalizations, starting off relatively sparse before gradually building into a crescendo that doesn’t stray too far away from the song’s quietest point, instead finding comfort in the atmosphere that the reverb-heavy and ethereal vocals have created for themselves. The song is less a high mountain to climb and more a vast and open plain to explore with a clear mind and closed eyes, carried by Barwick’s cool and enveloping voice.

Aside from Barwick, this series of singles features contributions from Brian Eno, Dinosaur Jr., Flying Lotus, Julia Holter, Migos, Run The Jewels, Thundercat, Tim Hecker, Washed Out, and others.

Listen to “Garland” above, explore the rest of the Adult Swim singles here, and revisit our look at how Adult Swim — a cartoon and alternative comedy channel, by the way) — became a prime purveyor of great music you won’t find anywhere else, here.