Half Waif And Petal Joined Julien Baker On Stage For A Haunting Live Rendition Of ‘Good News’ In New York

Julien Baker has been on tour for the greater part of 2017 while she was prepping her unbelievable sophomore LP Turn Out The Lights, the latest stretch of which has featured support from Half Waif and Petal. This past weekend, the tour stopped at Town Hall in New York City, Baker’s largest New York headlining show to date, and the final song saw all of the women involved in the show taking the stage together for a haunting rendition of “Good News,” one of the most harrowing and devastating tracks from Baker’s debut effort Sprained Ankle.

Baker’s acoustic guitar was accompanied by strings from Camille Faulkner, who also contributed vocals to the perfect, beautiful harmonies alongside Half Waif’s Nandi Plunkett and Petals’ Kiley Lotz as Baker rounded out the evening. The addition of three voices gave the song a completely new life, and goes to show the ease with which Baker’s songs can be edited structurally without losing their impact. It’s a truly gorgeous performance, and one that clearly thrilled all in attendance as the crowd roared with approval while the quartet hugged and a member of the crew brought out a cake to celebrate the release of Turn Out The Lights. Check out a fan-shot video above.

Julien Baker’s Turn Out The Lights is out now on Matador. Check out our interview with her here, and her appearance on Steven Hyden’s Celebration Rock podcast here.