Did A Brazilian Hooker Post Video Of Justin Bieber Sleeping In Her Bed To YouTube? You Make The Call!

Previously on the Justin Bieber South American sex tour, we found Justin pulling the old ghost trick while visiting a Brazilian brothel over the weekend. This evening we find that footage has surfaced of Bieber allegedly spending time with, (aka sleeping in the bed of) a Brazilian prostitute, turning the Internet into a speculative playground.

The footage, via The Heavy, shows someone who looks an awful lot like Bieber sleeping in bed while our would be camera lady — an alleged hooker — snaps the footage and buys herself at least a small chance at fame.

Descriptions vary with who the girl is and what she is doing in the room with Bieber. The original video labels her as just a  Brazilian girl, but a post on Reddit is alleging that the lady in question is a prostitute.

The only solid facts here is that someone who looks a lot like Bieber is a sound sleeper and our mystery gal cannot use a cell phone properly to record video. Turn the phone to the side! Think of the public!

Previously rumors ran wild that Bieber had recently had sex with a Panamanian prostitute and there is evidence of his impact at a Texas strip club from a few weeks back. Perhaps this gives credence to the idea that Bieber is experiencing a wild period? Or maybe it promotes an idea that Bieber is on a spiritual journey of sorts after finding out that he has a terminal illness? Or perhaps Bieber has that twin brother that he’s always wanted living in South America, Juan Bieber.

Either way, keep your eyes to spot where Bieber lands next on his sexual spirit walk. It could be a strip club, brothel or alleyway near you. We will have more details as they emerge.

UPDATE: Looks like Biebs is spreading the love in Honduras tonight!

Sources: Bro Bible/Heavy