Drunk Justin Bieber Is Here To Talk Kanye West And Inspire You, You Guys

Justin Bieber is clearly feeling the pressure of DJ Khaled’s once-mysterious “they” (and possibly a few drinks too many). The Purpose singer took time off between multiple shows at the Staples Center and went on a mini-rant from the DJ booth of West Hollywood’s 1 OAK nightclub. After saying that he isn’t going to be Kanye West, he implored the crowd to “be themselves.”

“Let’s have a good night. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s be ourselves. I think the thing the world struggles with most is just being ourselves,” he said. “I think people hate on people that just are themselves, you know?”

Bieber admitted that it might be the liquor talking, saying “Maybe I’m drunk, maybe I’m just speaking real sh*t.” Then, the Biebz jumped into his main point: that people hate him for living a fully actualized life.

“I feel like a lot of the reason there’s so many people who hate on me, is just for being myself…If you just are yourself and make spontaneous decisions of wearing whatever you wanna wear and doing whatever you wanna do, you’re gonna make bad decisions sometimes but…let’s try to make the best decisions.”

From the mouths of sloshed babes, huh? Poetry. We know at least one person was feeling Justin Bieber’s speech. Kanye has made a point of turning up to “What Do You Mean?” whenever and wherever he is, so Yeezy almost definitely enjoyed the shoutout.

(Via Idolator)