Did Justin Bieber Really Smack The Limo Driver Who’s Suing Him?

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Just when you thought Justin Bieber could become America’s favorite Canadian pop star, he’s run afoul of the law again. A limo driver commissioned by the singer in Toronto claims Bieber got allegedly slap-happy with him when he wouldn’t turn up the volume on his music.

Abdul Mohar wants $850K from the Biebs for the December, 2013 incident in Toronto … according to the Toronto Star. Bieber and his gang were in the back of the limo when the the driver claims he was repeatedly struck. (via)

Whether it’s true or not, it’s yet another mark on Bieber’s checkered record. Though he’s supposedly rebounding from a crazy year, even volunteering to get roasted on Comedy Central, it seems like his fame won’t allow him to clear his name just yet.

(Via TMZ)