Justin Bieber Proudly Posts Video Evidence Of His Poor Beer-Shotgunning Skills

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I lost but I didn't go to college @sammy

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I believe we can all agree that growing up is difficult. Some may grasp adulthood easier than other and then there’s, well, Justin Bieber. At 21-years of age, the pop star seems to be on a mission to convince one and all that he has turned over a new, more mature, leaf. Sure, he may have broken down in tears at the VMAs a few weeks ago, and there also was that recent mini-fit of his that was caught on live TV, but forget all that because our boy is all growed up.

Case in point: over the weekend Bieber was in Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather/Andre Berto match-up and before the big fight, the pop singer took part in a head-to-head match of his own. The above Instagram video shows the Biebs taking on some dude — maybe named Sammy? — in a beer shotgunning showdown and it ends as one might expect.

With a pained look on his face, ever the gracious loser, Justin Bieber still manages to throw his hands in the air in a victory stance. While the video may end there, a further explanation in the caption may explain why the boy isn’t that great at taking large amounts of beer quickly into his mouth.

Justin Bieber never went to college. How’s that for a bombshell?!